last updated 12-February-2024:


Who we are:

This is Erik & Deisy. The team behind Cacao Hope.

As in every project there is a story behind it...

Me (Deisy) coming from Colombia and Erik from The Netherlands. We are a small family of  2 + 4 cats and many plants, based in a small village in The Netherlands. Thanks to the medicine of Sacred Cacao, our connection, knowledge, love and respect for Mother Nature has grown even deeper and stronger along these years.  

A bit of our story:


*I (Deisy), living in The Netherlands for almost 12 years out of the 20 in total in Europe, it was in 2017 when I had to face the most challenging period of my life. For over 3 years, going through deep transformation processes at all levels, becoming the person I am today.

At the beginning of that period, in between recovery and falling sick again, it was when Erik & I met for the first time...passing through life-threatening situations, trying to get the best out of it, ceremonial Cacao came to  my life in my search for healing and healthier ways to live.

The first times drinking Ceremonial Cacao made me re-connect with the joy and blessing that is to still be alive. While bringing me back to the feeling of drinking daily Cacao at my grandparents house during my childhood in Colombia.


*Along all this journey, Erik has always been my hero and a true witness of how ceremonial Cacao has transformed not only my life but also our relationship and commitment in such a positive way.


Cacao has given me the HOPE I needed back, and the strength I may still need to continue in this path. It is my biggest teacher in this life process of evolution. Cacao as a sacred plant medicine has many secret gems yet to discover...


*This is how a few years ago, after being recovered, we sowed together this dream of contributing in a positive way with our little grain of sand to the world with this project, called Cacao Hope.


Our mission & vision: 


Trying to add on to the positive transformation of people through ceremonial Cacao, as it did for us giving us back the hope we needed in our lives. As well as supporting the invaluable work of the indigenous communities. Guardians and protectors of this sacred plant medicine back in Latin America. It is thanks to the indigenous people that we can keep on learning and experiencing the healing power of Cacao still.

To keep the ancestral tradition and spirituality of Sacred Cacao alive in our current times, with respect and honor to the indigenous communities that guard Cacao as the medicine it is.


Our logo is a combination of creativity from both of us. The logo of Cacao Hope is a Daisy flower coming out of a Cacao pod. The Daisy flower is known for representing hope , purity , new beginnings and renewal , among many other qualities which are also present in Cacao. So the logo meaning that all those qualities from the Daisy flower are activated and enhanced by drinking ceremonial Cacao too. We felt it was just right how it all came together.


(a little side story):


At the beginning of 2023, Grandfather and Mayan priest Efrén Hernández, in Mihuatlán/Tabasco , facilitated our Mayan wedding following his Maya Yocot´an tradition. The whole day and ceremony was a beautiful and sacred experience which we will always keep deeply in our hearts as some of the best memories in our lives. 

Since then , our relationship has been evolving and growing even stronger, not only with each other but also with the sacred spirit of Cacao guiding us in this path with our project. 


After our Mayan wedding on 2023, it was when our project with Cacao Hope started to get shaped and formed. It is thanks to all the energies that allow us to walk in deep honor and respect to the medicine and its guardians, all the human efforts, prayers, love and commitment from all sides (our partners/communities/customers and us), that we can continue growing and supporting each other in this project.


*Our main goal is to keep on expanding the healing love that Cacao medicine brings to the world. While rising awareness about the importance of the indigenous communities along with their ancient teachings to keep the balance in our great Mother Earth and as humanity.



At Cacao Hope we strive to provide ceremonial cacao lovers

with the highest quality products, while supporting indigenous communities.

The cacao offered from our partners in Latin America

is grown with respect for nature and processed with love,

following ancestral knowledge and traditional practices.

We believe that in sharing this magical experience with others through Cacao, we strive to have a positive impact not only on consumers but also on the Cacao communities back in Latin America who take care of keeping the balance in our great Mother Earth.

Thank you for reading our story, for your love and support!

May it return to you multiplied and in wonderful ways!