Welcome to Cacao Hope 

At Cacao Hope we offer high-quality ceremonial cacao, in direct / fair trade supporting the indigenous communities from the Cacao partners we work with.

This high grade ceremonial Cacao is perfect for circles & rituals, meditation, conscious celebrations and/or inner healing.


Let us take you on a tasteful journey back to the connection with your heart and

for your well-being. While becoming more mindful to enjoy the gifts of the daily life.


Which ceremonial Cacao type to choose?

We invite you to check the description of each product clicking on the image. If after reading about them, you are still in doubt, we advice to take a moment and connect with yourself. Your heart will guide you, always follow your intuition to the one your attention goes the most to. It may be the right choice for you at this moment of your life. You can always contact us for questions or advice.

Uses of Cacao.

Cacao has been guarded and used by different indigenous communities in Latin Amercia for generations. It has always been taken as a sacred plant medicine, for ancestral rituals, ceremonies and healings. Take a look at our "Discover" section to learn more about it.

Cacao : The Medicine of the heart

Cacao is considered as the medicine of the heart and natural antidepressant per excellence. Working from a deeper level, it literally expands your heart increasing the blood flow not only to your brain but to your whole body. This enhances your self-awarenness about the root cause of any disharmony from within (from physical to emotional, mental &/or spiritual). 

"I can highly recommend this Cacao from Cacao Hope.
Deisy has a loving personality and is skilled in what she conveys. I have now been able to go through several ceremonies and also the 20 days (veintena) with her. A pure, honest Cacao as it should be according to old traditions, with respect for people and nature."

-♡ Bianca ~De Klankhoeve

“Cacao Hope's ceremonial cacao has taken my meditation practice to the next level. The beautiful aroma & flavor, energy and soothing effects are amazing.

Highly recommend to try it!"

—Laura V.

Experience the power of ceremonial Cacao

The Cacao from the communities of our partners, is carefully selected and ethically sourced. Following ancestral traditions and practices, ensuring that every sip will take you into deep connection with Mother Earth.

About us

At Cacao Hope we strive to provide ceremonial cacao lovers with the highest quality products, while supporting indigenous communities who guard Cacao plant as sacred medicine.

The cacao offered from our partners in Latin America is grown with respect for nature and processed with love, following ancestral knowledge and traditional practices.


We believe that in sharing this magical experience with others through Cacao, we strive to have a positive impact not only on consumers but also on the Cacao communities back in Latin America who take care of keeping the balance in our great Mother Earth.


Thank you for your support!

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