Mexican Wooden Molinillos


*All sizes are displayed next to an A4 photo frame to have an idea of how big-small they are*

Small : 16cm (IT IS REALLY SMALL, FITS IN 1 CUP), Medium: 24cm , Big: 29cm , & Plus: 35cm.


Wooden Molinillos (stirrer / frother) from Mexico , are mostly used to make a beautiful foam to your Cacao drink.

The molinillo, can be translated as blender. It is a wonderful wooden tool to make a foamy Cacao. It's an art piece of every Latin American kitchen culture in general, that not only whips up a beautiful froth on your Cacao, but is also a channel to put your intentions while working with it. It allows you to make a deeper connection with Cacao, inspiring you to even sing or chant to the Spirit of the medicine while being in the foamy making process.


It is very simple to use:

When your Cacao (and other ingredients) are already mixed with the hot water in the (clay) cooking pot, you take the molinillo, place it inside the pot and in between both palm hands , vigorously roll it back and forth. The rings on the bottom of the molinillo will twirl around whipping the drink into a foamy finishing result.

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