We work in collaboration with:

1. *Cacao Sagrado, with the ceremonial Cacao from Grano de Oro de Miahuatlán:



From México, providing the Pure Ceremonial Cacao from Grano de Oro of the Maya Yokot´an community carried by Abuelo / Grandfather and Mayan Priest Efrén Hernández in Miahuatlán/Tabasco

Grandfather - Abuelo Efrén Hernández Maldonado :

Belonging to the Yokot´an Mayan people. 

From Tabasco-México, originally from the community of Miahuatlán.

He is the 11th generation of guardians of the sacred Cacaotales (Cacao plantations), and Mayan priest, leader of his community. 

Keeping the Maya Yokot´an tradition and spirituality of Sacred Cacao alive from generation to generation.


Maru Albor is a facilitator of rituals with ancestral medicines such as Sacred Cacao.

For several years she has dedicated to carry out her work in different countries with Cacao. She shares her experience acquired in different parts of Mother Earth, and carries out studies with traditional Mayan representatives, Guardians of the Sacred and Medicinal Use of Cacao.

She has studied Ancestral Mayan Medicine, and belongs to the 2nd Generation of the Mayan School formed by Grandfather Efrén, her guide and teacher.


It is thanks to all the love , commitment , efforts and prayers that we all have put into this project that we could finally bring this wonderful Cacao from Abuelo Efrén to Europe.


Thank you dear Abuelo Efrén for all your teachings, guidance and your lovingly powerful medicine. Thank you dear Maru for all you do and also being a guide in this path.

Thank you dear soul family and Cacao community for making it possible too!

Thanks to all and to everyone! 


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2. *Origen Cacao:


From Colombia, partnering up with Danielle from Origen Cacao since 2023 to distribute the pure organic Cacao coming from the indigenous community of the Arhuaco Tribe in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. 

Starting my journey with this loving pure ceremonial Cacao since 2021, when I first tried it while visiting my homeland Colombia, via a friend who recommended me this Cacao, I fall in love instantly with it. It connected me immediately to my own roots. Its pure , soft, and gentle energy surrounded my heart in an energy of deep healing warmth.


After learning about the story behind Origen Cacao company I would have never imagined how difficult must have been for Danielle to fight against the chocolate industry in Colombia to bring ´ceremonial Cacao´ to the chocolate scene of the country. 

I admire her story and how far she has come along the years supporting the Arhuaco people and other indigenous families in the country. 


Since 2022 we have been in conversations with Danielle due to the positive reactions from people after trying it in my circles with this Cacao. It was in 2023 when we finally made official our partnership. 


A big thanks to Danielle , her professionality and all the Arhuaco family behind Origen Cacao, who bring this beautiful medicine from the Sierra Nevada , also a sacred territory called "The Heart of the World". 


Thank you deeply to all!


*Learn more about Origen Cacao: https://origencacao.com/