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Andrea Brogan
3 months ago

Oh it was so glorious to receive the cacao yesterday and tonight I’m having a women’s circle with the cacao...

Here’s my altar and the lovely blossom and incense ready too from your beautiful package!
❤️🌺❤️ Andrea

5 months ago

I never skip a day connecting with this beautiful medicine. It helps in the path of growing consciousness and opens the heart. The cacao of Cacao Hope is of great quality
and Deisy treats it with so much respect and love. It is amazing what it brought into my life and all the insights that it has given me. I'm very grateful for that.

5 months ago

Cacao Hope is the loving and living manifestation of Deisies deep love connection with her medicina Momma Cacao.
There are many people who work with this sacred medicine. Deisy is different in the way she works with Cacao. She honours the way of her ancestors and brings the ancient ways of working with Cacao in the Mayan Ways to life in our modern times. It deepens the experience of working with Cacao. I have had the honour and pleasure of learning the basics about Cacao, the history, the cosmology, preparation, prayer. Nothing but deep love for my Sister Deisy and for Momma Cacao in my private practice. She knows her stuff! The cacao from abuelo Efren is amazing. You can feel how deeply he is connected to Cacao, his cacaotal. So beautiful People, look no further, you can buy this amazing Cacao here. You also support the communiy that lives and breathes these sacred traditions, that they so lovingly share. Many blessings, Francisca

5 months ago

I can highly recommend this Cacao from Cacao Hope.
Deisy has a loving personality and is skilled in what she conveys. I have now been able to go through several ceremonies and also the 20 days (veintena) with her. A pure, honest Cacao as it should be according to old traditions, with respect for people and nature.
-♡ Bianca ~De Klankhoeve

5 months ago

I love cacao from Cacao Hope.
I can feel inside me the Love that it carries within. This Love accompanies me while I drink it and throughout my day. It connects me with my heart.
Thank you Daisy for it, for giving us the opportunity to have this cacao at home.

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