Origen Cacao - Arhuaco, Colombia (450grs)


100% Pure ceremonial Cacao coming from the high lands of the Sierra Nevada or Santa Marta, in Colombia. Cultivated by the indigenous community of the Arhuaco tribe. This Cacao is owned, prayed for and guarded by its people in ancestral ways according to their tradition carried from generation to generation.

This ceremonial Cacao is 100% made of the finest Criollo Cacao beans, grown with pure spiritual intentions.

The Arhuaco tribe shares its wisdom and ancestral knowledge through this Cacao. Connecting with this Cacao it´sa way to access their memories and cosmic information which is the origin of their 'Pensamientos'.

Each package contains 450g, which is approximately 11 to 12 ceremonial drinks.

It comes in already pre-grated/granulated form to facilitate its use, while preserving all its properties and energy.


*How to prepare it:

Pour approximately between 4-8 spoons of Cacao into 200-300ml hot water (not boiling) and stir it well (with a wooden molinillo preferable) to get a foamy result.

You can drink it by itself or add any spices, herbs or organic sweetener of your preference (Do not add sugar).


Ceremonial Cacao is considered an ancestral medicine, not a treat. This is not commercial chocolate. That is why it is important to always take it in an appropriate setting for it. Set an intention and express your gratitude to the guardians of this sacred medicine (From the Arhuaco community to the all the nature around their territory in the Sierra Nevada) as well before drinking it.


May this beautiful Cacao medicine bring you the healing & love you may need to enjoy even more your daily life in pure expansion from the heart!

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4 months ago

I can highly recommend this Cacao from Cacao Hope.
Deisy has a loving personality and is skilled in what she conveys. I have now been able to go through several ceremonies and also the 20 days (veintena) with her. A pure, honest Cacao as it should be according to old traditions, with respect for people and nature.
-♡ Bianca ~De Klankhoeve

5 months ago

Cacao Hope's ceremonial cacao has taken my meditation practice to the next level. The beautiful aroma & flavor, energy and soothing effects are amazing.
Highly recommend to try it!

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