Cacao Hope - Maya Yokot´an, Mexico


100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao coming from the sacred territory of the Maya Yokot´an community in the region of Miahuatlán - Tabasco, in Mexico. Preserving the ancient Maya Yokot'an tradition of Cacao for over 10 generations.  

This Cacao comes in paste form, shaped in rounded discs made artisanally. Every package of this Cacao, either pure or with honey,  contains 500grs of Cacao paste each.


The Cacao trees are cultivated and treated ancestrally, consciously and following the Maya Yokot´an tradition and spirituality of Cacao from generation to generation.

One of the best highest quality of native ceremonial Cacao.

The process starts by getting the seeds out of every Cacao pod when ready. Passing to the fermentation process impregnating the seeds with rich flavors and aromas. To continue with the natural process of drying them under the sun , and then roasting them in ancestral ways with fire. To continue with peeling them one by one manually. Then the husk of the seeds is reserved for making " Cacao tea" (useful mostly for period cramps), nothing is wasted. And after this process is done, then only 1 Molino / Grinder machine is used to activate the natural butter of the cacao seeds turning them into a paste. Then finally the paste is placed by hand in the discs shaped molds (final presentation) , cooling them down to then get the final product.


All this whole process is done following pure and spiritual intentions , in ancestral ways and with traditional practices from the Maya Yokot´an community/family. 


*How to prepare it:

Every disc separatelly weights between 36-40grs of ceremonial cacao paste . This quantity is approximated since they are made in artisanal ways by hand. Every disc has a line division in between so it is easy for you to break it into a half dose or for your reference for smaller doses if you prefer. 

Recommended to start with smaller doses like a quarter of a disc (between 8 to 13 grs) and increase gradually up to the dose of your preference. Carefully chop or grate your cacao and start already focusing on putting your intention to it while doing this process. Then pour it into 200-300ml hot (not boiling) water and to mix it well use any sort of stirrer/frother , preferably a Molinillo or any other wooden tool. Stir it well and vigorously to make a foamy result , then it will be ready.

You can drink it by itself or add any spices, herbs or any organic sweetener of your preference (Do not add sugar).


The energy of this Ceremonial Cacao gives you strength , healing and gentle love to the heart when drinking it. Getting to every part of your being, it connects you with that inner wisdom from the spirit of the Cacao medicine, opening your heart and consciousness in a loving and expansive way.


What Abuelo/Grandfather Efrén Hernández , guardian of these Maya Yokot´an sacred Cacao lands says about what their ceremonial Cacao represents:


"From the Mayan worldview and as guardians of the sacred native Cacao plantations of the plains of the Yocotán Mayan territory, a ceremonial grade Cacao is a Cacao that keeps the harmony and balance with everything formed and created...

The sacred seed of this Cacao, in the Mayan worldview, carries all our spirituality. Contains the light of the sun, the moon, the song of birds and the energy of all animals that inhabit the sacred Cacao plantation, as well as the energy of the prayers, the songs of the ceremonies, the work and energy of those who plant , cultivate and harvest Cacao... 

In short, this ceremonial grade Cacao , in the Mayan worldview maintains balance and harmony with everything that surrounds it."


Go to "what is ceremonial Cacao" in the Discover section to learn more about it.

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Andrea Brogan
3 months ago

Oh it was so glorious to receive the cacao yesterday and tonight I’m having a women’s circle with the cacao...

Here’s in my altar and the lovely blossom and incense ready too from your beautiful package!
❤️🌺❤️ Andrea

Andrea Brogan
4 months ago

Hi Deisy,
Hope you are well! The cacao with honey was delicious as I think I told you! Looking forward to receiving these!

4 months ago

Thanks a lot Andrea! I am so glad to hear you love it as much as we do too! It is now on your way! Enjoy it!

5 months ago

The cacao from abuelo Efren is amazing. You can feel how deeply he is connected to Cacao, his cacaotal. So beautiful People, look no further, you can buy this amazing Cacao here. You also support the communiy that lives and breathes these sacred traditions, that they so lovingly share. Many blessings, Francisca

5 months ago

I love cacao from Cacao Hope.
I can feel inside me the Love that it carries within. This Love accompanies me while I drink it and throughout my day. It connects me with my heart.
Thank you Daisy for it, for giving us the opportunity to have this cacao at home.

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